Use earplugs, fly safer

Cabin pressure in the plane usually creates a lot of problems for many passengers across the world. Earplugs are the devices that are attached to the ear canal and helps in protecting the ears from dirt, water, dust particles and other foreign objects. Apart from all these positive aspects, earplugs also help to ease discomfort while flying due to cabin pressures in the plane.

During the course of take-off and landing of the plane, there is a rate of change of pressure in the ears of a person. As a result, there is alteration in the pressure of the ear and that of the cabin. The pressure in the ear causes a flow of air from outside which enters the Eustachian tube and then to the middle ear ultimately leading to the increase in the pressure of the middle ear being equal to the outside environment.

This results in the blockage of the Eustachian tube and might lead to the deformation of ear drum and other negative effects. Moreover, the drastic changes in the altitude tend to restrict the flow of air through the Eustachian tube and the pressure difference persists for a longer time. Due to such pressure difference, the person tends to feel discomfort in the plane. In this situation, the earplugs are useful in helping to reduce the drastic effects on the Eustachian tubes due to pressure difference between the ears and the external environment.

The ear plugs are indeed very useful during air travel because they enable the restriction of the flow of air through the ear canal to give the inner parts of the ear a little more time to adapt according to the pressure difference outside. There are various types of earplugs that are available in the market for this purpose. Some of them are made up of silicon which is enclosed tightly with the ear canal. The earplugs usually create a closed environment between the ear drum and the external ear.

Within short time, the earplug slowly leaks out the air either in or out of the area which is attached to the outside environment.  This slow action ultimately enables in balancing the external pressure with the pressure of the inner ear. Usually, earplugs are used during the course of takeoff and landing of the aircraft. This is because the pressure in the middle ear and the external ear can be equated by the help of Eustachian tube.

Thus, the earplugs are really very useful in balancing the air pressure between the inner and the middle ear and the outer environment .Thus, they ensure a safe and a healthy air travelling and prevent hearing problems that might arise. Hence, flying will be more convenient using earplugs, else it might prove hazardous