Dangers of loud noises

Our eardrums and hair follicles are essential and sensitive parts of our hearing process, but are extremely vulnerable to high level decibel sounds. Regular exposure to loud noises affects these crucial parts of our ears and can gradually cause deafness.

Everyday our ears are exposed to a lot of loud noises from traffic honking to music playing at high volumes, to noise from food processors and TVs. Although our ears gradually get used to all the noises they face on a regular basis, they don’t become safe from the exposure. Unless taken care of, these little daily noises can lead to problematic and terrible medical conditions.

It has been proven medically that constant exposure to any sounds in the high decibels can be discomforting for the entire body. High pitched drum beats harm the heart and other organs, while loud shrill noises can even puncture eardrums. And you may have noticed how people who are generally more exposed to loud noises on a daily basis appear more frazzled and wound up than people who avoid them. A lot of ear infections are also related to loud noises and most of them occur from regular exposure over a period of time rather than a single incident.

While fun and frolic is fine, there are times when, especially children, find it amusing to scream into each other’s ears. This can be dangerous as it directly harms the eardrums. Equally unhealthy is the use of earphones that sit inside the ear canal to listen to loud music regularly. The decibels hit the eardrums really hard and, though not noticeable initially, our hearing suffers.

In today's hectic lifestyles, finding some peace and quiet is pretty tough. But if you can get some regularly, it can provide your mind and your body the much needed relaxation. You can visit a silent area or invest in a good pair of earplugs that will help cut out the noise temporarily. Make using it a habit and you will find yourself more relaxed and healthy. And of course, your ears will be safer too.

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