If you happen to be married or living with someone who snores but are finding to hard to get a rest due to the constant interruption. Well there is no need to worry as there are many clinics that offer treatment for snoring and nowadays , there are many alternative therapies proclaiming to do the same.

As someone who personally also snores, I am well aware of the discomfrot that it can cause to others. I have tied to take advantage of various treatments but the problem is they are actually quite uncomfortable. For example, one such treatment advised me not to sleep on my back, which in theary sounds great, but the method they asked that I follow to ensure this is the case, was to strap a tennis ball to my back.

Yes, it did initally have the effect initally but, it then lead to me not being able to sleep as well. There are also many other ideas floating around, such as wearing a mandipular advance splint (MAD). The probelm is, as they are worn in the mouth, they can actually be quite uncomfortable, and I found myself having a mouth full of saliva.

The best natural type of remedy had to be the nasal strips as you oly have to attach them to the tip of youe nose. These are ideal for anyone who snores through the nose and as this is not the case for me, I ended up not having any joy. That is why my wife ended up buying earplugs made for sleeping. 

We had actually tried wearing earplugs a while back but they were quite irritating but these plugs are actually made for women in mind, as they are smaller in size. Although a bit more expensive than your average pair of plugs, they definately do the trick and come with our personal recommendation. 

Notwithstanding, there is still a need to try and find a more clinical cure for snoring, as this would eliminat the need for buying plugs at all.