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good service and fast delivery.
Peter Sanderson March 10, 2012
Thank you for advising on the Sleepsoft earplugs. Yes, they here great and really do the trick! I can now sleep peacfully without having to nudge my husband everytime he snores!
Jennifer Roberts March 10, 2012
I was recommended to try some earplugs from a friend. Delivery was fast and the prices cheap.
Susan Green March 10, 2012
Thank you for the earplugs. They really do help block out my husbands snoring.
Jackie March 10, 2012
Good ear plugs for swimming. Will buy again due to the price and quick delivery.
Ben Roberts March 10, 2012
5 star service. Cheapest swimming ear plugs on the net and they arrived the day after I ordered.

Will be back but this time, ensure I also take advantage of the free postage :)
Scott Reynolds March 10, 2012
I needed some ear plugs to help me block out the sound of my fellow flat mates, as I am a student.

Thank you for your advise, the ear plugs did the trick.
Roshan Gupta March 10, 2012
The ear plugs where just perfect for swimming. I will be using your site again.
Rubeca March 10, 2012
The earplugs where perfect for my stag do. As someone who does not really like the sound of lound music, they really did help me keep my sanity on a night where that was quite imporant!!
Edward Russel March 10, 2012
bought the pink ear plugs for as much as being pink as well as helping me get a good nights rest when travelling to new york on the plane.

Good buy and good delivery.
Diane March 10, 2012
Cheapest Alpine Sleepsoft earplugs I could find. Thanks for the quick delivery as well.
David March 10, 2012
Yes, the earplugs did help with the ear infection. Thank you for the advice on the phone.
Pat Philips March 10, 2012
Thank you for recommending the earplug samples. I have ended up buying the Macks silicone earplugs, as they can also be worn in water, making them ideal for wearing when swimming.

I look forward to using your site again.
Patricia March 10, 2012
Thank you Simplyearplugs - you saved my marriage!

Well not quite as that dramatic, but thought it would be a good punch line for a testimonal. Anyway the ear plugs where very good and I will make sure that I use your services again.

One bit of advice, if you are interested. You should really consider making it easier for short sighted people to access your site.
Michelle March 10, 2012
The Alpine musicsafe pro offer good value for the price. We use them all the time and find them to be the cheapest at this site.

Please keep the price the same, as it is a big selling point for us.
DJRedbridge March 10, 2012
Thank you for taking the time to help me on the phone yesterday. I had no idea that women needed to wear smaller earplugs, which clearing explained why I was not getting on with my previous purchase.

I thought I would write a small note to thank you and also let you know that the womens earplugs you had recommended did the trick.

Carla March 10, 2012
Only ordered the ear plugs yesterday and they arrived this morning. Not sure who to thank but thank you for processing the order so quickly and I suppose a big thumbs up to the Royal Mail.
Justin Caneva March 10, 2012
My boyfriend is getting on with the ear plugs your recommended for swimming just great.
Tracey Haris March 10, 2012
Initally I was a bit sceptical about buying the ear plugs for sleeping, although after speaking to Diane on the phone, you really put my mind at ease. I really appreciate the no quibble gaurantee.

The earplugs are perfect and really fit well.
Caroline Dupont March 10, 2012
Off course I do not mind adding a testimonal. I have been a customer of simplyearplugs for a number of years and always found the support second to none.

Prices are definately the cheapest online and thankfully you only charge reasonable postage.
Susan J March 10, 2012
Really like the quick delivery.

Thank you. Adam
Adam March 10, 2012
The ear plugs that i bought for my sons swimming lessons are great. I cannot see any reason why not to buy online, as I found the process to be easy.
Alfred Westwood March 10, 2012
As someone who does not like shopping online, I was really greatful for your time and patience on the phone yesterday. helping me process the order.

Thanking you kindly. Archie
Archie March 10, 2012
quick delivery, yes will buy again, as the ear plugs helped me get a good nights sleep.
Sally Turner March 11, 2012
The earplugs you recommended where just great for the party. Thank you for posting them out so quickly as well.
Alix Haage March 11, 2012
Yes you are right. The earplugs really did the trick for my swimming. The containers also came in handy.
Adan Depue March 11, 2012
My trip to New York as a breeze thanks to your earplugs. They really did help stop the cabin pressure.

I am not sure why aeroplanes do not give out such plugs as standard as the foam type them provide inflight are clearly not fit for purpose.

Thank you again. Lav.
Laveta Hongo March 11, 2012
Surfing was really fun and the earplugs you recommended are just great. Thank you also for posting them out so quickly.
Earl Voros March 11, 2012
My husbands snoring no longer bothers me. As someone who has previously tried wearing earplugs before to block out the snoring, I was unaware there where actually earplugs made for women in mind.

the 10 pairs should last me a couple of month, considering they also come with a carry container. So will be bak soon for my next order.
Jaclyn Section March 11, 2012
The Alpine Musicsafe pro earplugs are really good. They came in handy for my DJing at the weekends.

Good price and fast delivery.
Elton Malia March 11, 2012
Quick delivery. I only ordered them yesterday morning, so quite impressed with the service.
Elinore Sybounheuan March 11, 2012
Yes, the plugs really did help with my flight. So I thought I would email you message.

Thanks Adan
Adan Szerlong March 11, 2012
Malena Rolston March 11, 2012
Yes the ear plugs where just great for my swimming.
Johnie Aloan March 11, 2012
The ear dryer is really good. Infact asyou can see I ordered a secon pair for my husband who is also a big swimmer.
Devora Fuselier March 11, 2012
Sleeping is not a problem for me anymore. I cannot believe a simple pair of earplugs could be so useful.
Roosevelt Klinge March 11, 2012
The sample earplugs packet is just what I needed. After trying the various earplugs, I have bought the pink womens earplugs.

To be honest, I thought it was a bit of a sales gimmick, selling a range of samples but thankfully your advise was as good as you said it would be.

Nancie Filipi March 11, 2012
Good range of samples. I finally ended up buying the silicone earplugs as they can be used for sleeping and swimming ( I swim 3 times a week).

Good idea.
Elliott Maltie March 11, 2012
Snoring - what snoring!

The ear plugs worked a treat. Hubby has offered to buy them for me when I next need to do so.
Pearlene Mcgurk March 11, 2012
Good range of products and cheap postage.
Alfonzo Ruggiano March 11, 2012
I am more than happy to right a review of your services. Thank you for your time on the phone yesterday and the ear plugs really do work.

I do appreciate the kind offer to refund my payment if not happy with my purchase, but thankfully that will not be necessary.
Sarah Neuendorf March 11, 2012
Good cheap earplugs.
Von Hornback March 11, 2012
The earplugs are just fine. They definately do block out noise from my neighbours dog barking and unlike my previous pair, do not fall our of my ears during the night.

Angle Chatcho March 11, 2012
The Ultra foam earplugs are just great for sleeping and the carry case comes in handy.

I would also like to mention, as someone who does not really like shopping online that I found your site easy to navigate and place an order.

Thank you again Beau
Beau Muchortow March 11, 2012
The corded Macks earplugs are ideal for swimming, as now my plugs do not get lost in the pool.

Tiera Skagerberg March 11, 2012
First class customer service. Thank you for your time on the phone last week, explaining the different types of earplugs. I had no idea there was so many on the market!

The silicone plugs are ideal for my swimmers ear, and thankfully appear to last quite long. Will be back for more, and yes, will also be taking advantage of the free postage offer this time round.

Daniel Gollihar March 11, 2012
I ordered the plugs 2 days ago and considering the where posted from the UK, consider myself quite lucky that they have arrived today in Germany.

Good fast service.
Juana Faulhaber March 11, 2012
My son was put off swimming due to the ear infection but thankfully the ear plugs help over come the discomfort.
John Desjardin March 11, 2012
The 6 pair of pillowsoft ear plugs offer really good value. I use them for swimming and also sleeping when travelling.
Shyla Granbois March 11, 2012
Thanks for the prompt delivery.
Isidro Drue March 11, 2012
The macks sleepmask is really worth it. I bought a pair for my flight to the Madives.
Apryl Nabozny March 11, 2012
Simply beautiful. The earplugs worked a treat. I cannot believe that it is this easy to get a good nights sleep.
Kermit Hembre March 11, 2012
The Macks musicians ear plugs are really great and not bad value.
Stuart Arrasmith March 11, 2012
Finally got a good nights rest! The ear plugs worked a treat. A very big thank you for oth me and my husband.
Stacey Heddleson March 11, 2012
it is quite refreshing to have found a website that offers such good customer service. I was slightly worried when I considered buying online, due to there no physical shop.

Thankfully there was no reason to be worried at all. After speaking to Linda on the phone who actually explained that processing an order online is much more safer than doing it on the phone, I have actually not only bought form your store but also a range of other online stores.

Kind regards. Lucie.
Lucie Massie March 11, 2012
Was actually recommended your site from a fellow swimmer who advised that your ear plugs are quite cheap.

i would also like to add that the customer service you offer is second to none. As someone who buys online reguarly, I was impressed with the good communication and quick delivery.
Jospeh Burvine March 11, 2012
Simplyearplugs have always offered very good value for money and fast delivery. How refereshing to dela with an online merchant who actually also values the personal touch of a bricks and mortar business.
Danna Heenan March 11, 2012
Good price - good ear plugs - quick delivery. Need I say more!
Jack Stone March 12, 2012
Thought I would add a quick message ( not that you need it from the reveiws your site already has) to say how hpapy I am with my purchase. The ear plugs arrived on time and were fairly priced.

Much appreciated.
Ann Duton March 12, 2012
After our conversation on the phone, I settled for the Macks Ultra earplugs. And yes, they where quite comfortable. The only point to note was the packaging appeared to be slightly damaged, due to the post.

Overall satisfied with my purchase.
Diane Jupp March 12, 2012
I was not that keen buyign ear plugs, as when I last tried wearing a pair for sleeping, they kept falling out of my ears and where not that comfortable.

Off course, I had no idea that there are may types of ear plugs on the market today. The silicone earplugs are definately the way forward ,as I can also use them for swimming at the weekends.
Peter March 12, 2012
Thank you Jackie for helping me choose the right earplugs. The sample pack was a godsend and I would recommend it to anyone looking to find the perfect earplugs.

How nice it is to have a site that speclises in earplugs only! I was slightly worried when I started looking for something to help block out my husbands snoring ,as from my last attempt ( visiting my local chemist ), the plugs that I ended up buying where useless to say the least.

Mellisa Turner March 12, 2012
Have ordered many times from this site and will continue to do so. Getting value online is actually quite easy, as all you have to do is scrool upand down the sites on the internet.

You can easily see they are the cheapest and what I really like, is the reasonable postage, considering the ear plugs only cost me a fiver.
A L March 12, 2012
Reason postage was the main reason I bought.
Craig March 12, 2012
Thank you.
Moti Reynolds March 13, 2012
Just a quick note to say a very big thank you for the ear plugs that I had ordered recently.

The musicians ear plugs are excellant according to my husband and the sleeping earplugs, well all I can say, is I now sleep very well!

Will off cours make use of yor site again!
Anneka Metclaf March 13, 2012
The order process was very straight forward and the ear plugs arrived the next day! Regarding their effectivness, they did the trick.

Lawrence Godchild March 13, 2012
Brilliant! The earplugs are just perfect. Now I have no need to moan at my husband regarding his snoring
Debora March 14, 2012
I had no idea there where earplugs made especially for flying. Frankly this was one of the main reasons that I did not like travelling as the pain from the cabin pressure kept putting me off.

Best £5 I have every spent.
Donna Lindsay March 14, 2012
The flying ear plugs are just brilliant! It was really reassuring that my children also did not encounter the paid and discomfort caused by the cabin pressure.
Annabell Rothchild March 14, 2012
I would normally buy my shooting equipment from a specilist retailer until I came across this site. The shooting putty worked a treat and really did help with my clay pigeon sports.

Hopefully you would have seen a few more orders from my friends who I also recommend to buy from your site.
Zac Green March 14, 2012
For a period of over 6 months, I have been suffering from sleepness nights, thanks to my new nosiey neighbours.

Unfourtunately I am not in a position to move out, as I still have 3 months left on my tenacy, so was really releived that the earplugs actually helped block out ther inconsiderate music.

much appreciated.
M K March 14, 2012
What may be a common problem for a large majority of people, actually ended up almost causing my marriage to fall apart. My husbands snoring only got louder and louder and despite trying his level best by making use of various contraptions, such as mouth pieces and nasal strips, the snoring kept continuing.

Earplugs was not really something that I actuall even considered making use of, as in general I find them to be quite uncomfortable. But as advised by Liz on the helpline there is a big differnace between the earplugs that you offer, in comparison to the standard plugs provided in flights.

The ultra soft foam plugs ( at least that is what I think they where called ) where simply amazing. They not only helped numb the sound of my husbands snoring but where also actually quite comfortable.

Considering the amount of time and money we have already spent on trying to solve the snoring issue, I am quite suprised that the solution actually lied not in my husband but in me making use of some earplugs.

Thank you every so much and look forward to buying from you again.
Nicole Jordan March 14, 2012
You asked me for feedback on the earplugs that I bought recently. Well the custom ACS earplugs are simply put ' brilliant'.

As a profession sound recorder, I obviously needed earplugs that offered good comfort for long periods of time as well as hear the clear sounds of the intruments and musicians.
Terry Littlejon March 14, 2012
I have been buyign ear plugs from simplyearplugs for over 4 years now. As an avid swmmer, I learnt through the hard way, to protect my ears.

My condition was so bad that I ended up not swimming for over 2 months. Rather hard for someone who enjoys swimming 5 times a week! The earplugs that I normally buy are the Ear Seals as they tend to also last the longest.

Have also checked out a fw other sites and when you take into account postage, simplyearplugs generally are the cheapest online.

David Thatcham March 15, 2012
I bought the Alpine Sleepsoft earplugs last week to help drown out the noise of my noisey nieghbours and they work a treat.

Thank you for the advice on the phone. I had no idea there was so much information on earplugs out there. Also as advised, I have also contacted my landlord, who has now agreed to insulate the flowwing upstairs.

Marie Haskib April 09, 2012